A cloud-based planning software

Konstrukt is a simple and flexible planning tool for budgets, forecasts and other important planning.

A simple solution that easily manage complex needs.

Traditional planning tools are good for control and structure, but lack flexibility and have outdated and user-unfriendly interfaces. Major corporations still use Excel for their planning because it’s a well-known and established program in the business area. Konstrukt solves this by providing the flexibility of Excel, but with all the control and structure you need.

The users can model any kind of business process in Konstrukt, and the impressive calculation engine will on-the-fly calculate any output you need. Just like formulas in Excel – but way more powerful. The users will also love Konstrukt’s modern web interface which combines the familiarity of Excel with the easy-to-use style of the modern cloud services we use every day.

Accessible and powerful

A well-designed system that just works.

Usability Simple and intuitive

Konstrukt is built on an app concept, where the app reflects a specific part of the planning process. The users are only presented with the apps they need, and spared from strange menus, hierarchical structures, tree view and technical mumbo jumbo that’s irrelevant to you.

Within the app you will have the familiar Excel look and the same keyboard commands and copy/paste just like you’re used to. And naturally all the numbers are structured and presented the way you’re used to.


Flexibility Excel on steroids

Most systems can be configured to suit your business, but they seldom reach all the way. At least not without expensive development projects with external consultants.

With Konstrukt you can be certain that it will adapt completely to how you want to operate your business. Don’t be surprised if you find out that you can do it all by yourself.


The Cloud Accessible and secure

Konstrukt is a pure cloud service, run on the Microsoft Azure platform, which guarantees secure storage of information and no risk for data loss. It’s also accessible everywhere and as all modern web services it can easily be integrated in your ERP or BI platform for data access or analysis.

Is your IT department better than Microsoft at hosting? No worries, Konstrukt can be deployed on premise as well.


Enterprise Powerful and versatile

Branding an IT platform as “enterprise ready” can really mean a lot of things, but however you choose to interpret it, Konstrukt will meet your requirements.

Thanks to a solid architecture, open APIs and thorough development and design, Konstrukt will handle even the most complex enterprise demand, without even breaking a sweat.


Save resources and time.

With Konstrukt your users will be happy.

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